Pixsell SMS CRM

The Customer Relations Management System is software designed to take in texts from customers and allow for customer relations associates to give timely reply, as well as create tickets for issues customer call in directly. It maximizes supervision as it allows it’s administrators to monitor all actions made by their agents. With this system it is possible to track all tickets and ticket history, so there is always check and balance to ensure customer service.

Its interface is also very user friendly. Its concept is to have almost anyone be able to use it. This stems from the understanding that a program should tailor fit the needs of its user, and not the other way around. The system also has a new and enhanced Rewards & Loyalty Program to help your company capture and retain your customers.


More Prompt Replies to Important Issues

The system is created to keep notes of every issue/complaint ticket called in. The agent that handles the interaction would leave a detailed description of the situation, as well as actions taken. The system is designed for completed tickets to be audited by a network administrator, so there is check and balance.

Organized Segregation of Issue Priorities

The program will segregate the tickets that you receive according to the priorities you set depending on what the ticket is about. For example, if one customer asks about how to register and another has complaints about the service, if you put higher priority on the latter the first ticket on the list would be the complaint.

Flexible Communication Medium

You can easily communicate with your members using many forms of media: text messaging, emails, and calls. The system is flexible that it allows you to save information coming from all these media. The system is designed to make it easier for you to access member files to update information.

Web to Mobile Chat

The system allows you to put in as many users you want answering issues. You can create as many users as you want at no extra charge. This feature is designed to increase productivity and efficiency.

Fast Information Dissemination

With this feature, you can disseminate information through the SMS Broadcast feature of the CRM system. This will allow you to easily send out announcements, promotions, and company or product advertisements.

Even Faster Databank (Content Management)

This is a feature that will allow you to create templates for keywords texted in by your members. The system will automatically reply the template to your texters. It also has a document loading capability that will allow you to load batches of templates at once. This will help you give out information faster and efficiently.

Accurate Resolution of Issues

The System will allow auditors and administrators to audit all completed tickets. The system will log who created, viewed, and answered every ticket. This is to ensure that your company is dishing out good quality member service.

Online / Mobile Based Issue Logging

The system will archive all tickets that have been created in our servers as well as the changes that have been made on them. This makes it sure that of you ever need to pull up information, our reliable servers are ready to pull it up for you.

Customer Phonebook Management

We will be troubleshooting the program even if you’ve already had it for more than a year. Since the program is web-based, you will get free program upgrades and updates for free. We value our clients and we always prioritize customer service. Your company will also be notified regularly of product updates or new product versions.