Pixsell Logistics

Streamline how you deliver your customers’ orders with Pixsell Logistics. We make this possible through our partnership with some of the country’s most trusted logistics companies.


Your customers benefit too because they will have plenty of delivery options to choose from based on the route, cost, and estimated time of delivery.


This solution works with Pixsell Ewallet and Pixsell Social ID.



Provide Real Time Shipping Rates

With real time calculation of shipping rates, your customers will be able to choose their preferred logistics company based on the cost of shipping.

Let Customers Choose Couriers and Add-on Services

Since we have partnered with some of the countries top logistics companies, your customers have plenty of options to choose from, be it one with the most affordable rates, or one that can deliver the product faster. Plus, customers can choose add-on services offered by these companies such as insurance, giving them a more convenient and worry-free shopping experience.

Provide Multiple Delivery Destinations on One Transaction

Make it more convenient for your customers deliver several items to different locations -- perfect when they're ordering in bulk. This also makes it easier to track individual items, something that used to be difficult to do in the past.

Send SMS Delivery Notifications

Provide even better customer service and turn visitors into loyal customers by sending them delivery notifications of their orders through SMS.

Receive Real Time Transmittal Reports

Monitor your business more effectively with real time transmittal reports. That way, you can address issues as they happen, and prevent further delays in providing your service.

Track and Trace Shipments with a Google Earth Add-on

You and your customers will be able to track and trace shipments on the map with our Google Earth Add-on and add more convenience to your service.

Create Customized Product Profiles

You can specify the physical attributes of the product based on its volume, weight, and handling instructions. This enables you to generate delivery rates based on those attributes, along with the packaging requirements, and the delivery route.

Manage Multiple Transit Points, Vehicles, and Operators

Managing your entire logistics operations become simpler and more streamlined since you can manage several transit points, vehicles, and operators all at once. You can tag multiple vehicles to one transit point, making it easier for you to manage and dispatch them. Plus, operators can be tagged to the specific vehicle they’re driving to ensure items are delivered securely and for an added level of accountability.

Track Vehicles in Real Time

You can now track where your vehicles are in real time using an Android app installed on your operators’ GPS-equipped smartphones. Information may be transmitted from the smartphone to the server either via SMS or data.This eliminates the need for standalone GPS units, which are costly and perform fewer functions than a smartphone.

Know Exactly Where Items Are

For added security, you can perform geo-location tagging of your waybills, so you and your operators can tag exactly where an item was delivered. The delivery person can just take a picture of the bar code and make the status of the waybill. This could make it easier to retrieve items that were delivered to erroneous addresses, for example.

Create a Smart Dispatch System

You can also streamline your dispatch system with Pixsell Logistics. It will allow you to determine which vehicle is closest to a pick up point and assign them with the task, making the process more efficient, trips faster, and your fuel costs lower. The smart dispatch system can also estimate whether the vehicle on a specific route is already overloaded, so you can dispatch another vehicle nearby to perform the pick up in its place.

Automate Your Operations

Having your own logistics platform and online booking system allows you to streamline your business quickly and affordably. We can provide you with a white label booking platform that uses your own website template for a more personalized look and feel. And then using an API, your clients could easily integrate their system to your core logistics system. The API includes the following functions: booking, waybill creation, and waybill status tracking. Using the API can then automate the entire process for you and your clients -- they no longer have to call you when they need to make a pick up request, and you can fulfill their requests quickly and efficiently.

Expand Your Client Base

Here at Pixsell, we work with merchants looking to offer more diverse logistics options for their business. So when you become a Pixsell Logistics partner, you will be able to expand your client base further, which would positively impact your bottom line. Plus, having your own logistics platform can help you secure more clients who will appreciate your fast, efficient, and reliable service.