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You can upgrade your operations on the fly with our highly-scalable structure. This means you can easily handle unexpected spikes in traffic such as during the holiday season, or improve your website’s performance as your website grows. And because everything resides in the cloud, everything is more convenient and cost-effective since you’re freed of the hassle of upgrading or maintaining your own servers.



You can provide several delivery options through our partner logistics companies with Pixsell Logistics, and accept credit and debit card payments, or through 7-Eleven branches, pawnshops, and banks with Pixsell Ewallet.



You run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2. This means that you are assured of 99.99% uptime, so your website will be online all the time, and data can be accessed quickly and securely.



With our Cloud Services you no longer have to purchase, maintain, and upgrade your own servers regularly. Instead, you only pay for successful transactions made on your website. As such, our services are operational expenses rather than a capital expense, which means these services are more cost-effective and easier to manage.

Event Highlights

Systems integration expo 2015 is the premier Information technology expo show that provides a wide array of services from IT & telecommunications, to e-learning & training, to pro-audio, video, lighting & staging, to signage & out-of-home media, and business products & services, SYSTEMS INTEGRATION PHILIPPINES is your ultimate source for the latest and best products and technologies

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY WORLD 2015 is the premier digital show in the Philippines that caters to the convergence of the newest system standards and technology for the business from various industries. From business solutions to personal gadgets, the expo is positioned to be the go-to place of everyone ready and willing to join the revolution.

Hotel Expo is the premier hotel supplier show in the Philippines. This event showcases products like Serviced Apartment & Resort Operating Systems & Facilities, Housekeeping & Laundry Equipment, Tableware, Entertainment & Lifestyle Products & Technology etc. in the Industrial Products, IT Business Services industries.




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